Has Massage Therapy Become Synonymous with Sex Work?

     Fun fact: I am a certified massage therapist.  I am trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Vibration and Accu-pressure.  One reason why I haven't been practicing lately is because the overwhelming expectation for happy endings.  For only ten dollars more than what I charge, clients can get the full service; a professional full body massage, mutual touch and a hand job (sometimes more).  At first, I thought it was atrocious that people go through the extensive training to obtain certification only to master the art of blow jobs; but now I'm starting to see the fuller picture.
     Having received Tantric massages, I have experienced the holy release that happens when sex meets therapy.  I was finally, truly aware that my body was a Temple of God and I shed a lot of shame issues.  Having someone patiently massage, knead and stretch every part of my body and then lovingly pleasure me was nothing short of amazing.  I would even go as far as suggesting getting one from a professional (be sure to ask for certification).
     I now subscribe to the philosophy of Tantra, I see sex as the perfect portal to commune with God.  But even with this knowledge, I can not get myself to perform sexual acts with strangers as a way to make ends meet.  Maybe if I knew him or her well enough, but I can't go down the Craig's List route.  (But then again, I do have to pay off them loans for those expensive-ass massage courses!)

     I never had a four-hand massage before!  On this site, they have a trailer video of their services which is really hot!  The way they're rotating around each other while massaging their client, who happens to be a beautiful black man, churns the sexual energy to the nth degree.  Notice how they use their patron as a platform to love each other, kissing and pleasuring their own bodies as they perform the massage.  Very beautiful.  Very innovative.  Once my money gets right, I will definitely indulge in a four-handed session...


*DELLA! said...

Omg Im a massage therapist too! I got like 4 more months left but we still practice on live clients and a lot of men ask me can they taste me n stuff like that and I be like um no!

Forbidden Light said...

Really! So you know where I'm coming from!

The real shame about this is that the one that are involving sexual favors aren't charging that much. I charge about $70 an hour and there's some 'therapists' charging as low at $35 for the all-inclusive package!

You would have to come up out some serious bread for me to break you off! LOL

*DELLA! said...

No I would never do any sexual favors. TO most peoples surprise I am a complete virgin with males and females...sex is not casual in my opinion...i look at everyone like a cell phone that just got dropped into a city dump trashcan behind a restaurant. YOU WOULD NOT JUST DIVE IN THERE WITH UR BARE HANDS AND GRAB THE CELLPHONE ...YOU DONT KNOW WHATS IN THERE. SO YOU PEEK AROUND IN THERE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, NOTICING THE SMELL AND THE GENERAL CONTENTS AND IF ITS JUST FULL OF CARDBOARD AND HARMLESS MEANING SAFE AND NOT DIRTY, YOU GET IN THERE AND GET YOUR PHONE, IF NOT YOU EITHER LEAVE IT AND GET A NEW ONE OR YOU GET A LONG AS GLOVE AND START TO DIGGIN.


Forbidden Light said...

I love how your mind works! You are truly one of a kind, Della!

I definitely agree that you must always act in caution. A lot of cats are throwing their cell phones away on purpose! LOL

It's good that you have a good and stern 'handbook of ethics' before going full-time into your practice. Trust me, it'll come in handy.

ToddyEnglish said...

I know that's right della!

Anyway, I've always contemplated having an erotic massage. But I would want the masseur to be really hot.



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