"Am I Still Human?" (Inspired by Samuel R Delany)

I suck the cock of strangers...
My only sustenance comes from anonymous semen...
I can not wait until my next meal.

Am I still human?

Love does not interest me...
I want to be objectified and used...
I sharpen my mind and harden my body to become a better tool.

Am I still human?

I envy porcelain...
Vomit.  Piss.  Shit.
All of it I've tasted and it pains me to see it wasted.

Am I still human?

I dream of an ass stretched beyond measure...
I pray that the rosebud of my body blossoms...
Big enough to give full grown men life.

Am I still human?

Am I still worthy of respect?
Am I capable of speaking truth through these cocksucking lips?
Can I teach a lesson with scum on my breath?
Am I still worthy?

Am I still human?

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