One-Way Street

     He loves to fuck bareback...however, in the event he ever bottoms, a condom is a must.  He's a daddy, knowing best...or, at least, better than you.  A very kinky man, he's into fisting, bondage and flogging...from the top.  He's a one-way street.
     He loves having his cock sucked...but he's very sensitive to scents and tastes.  He's a sadist, causing pain, but never feeling anything.  He's a dom, tying subs down, yet remaining free.  A very kinky man, he's interested in cumming, pissing and spitting...on you.  He prefers to stay dry.

Have you ever lost your way?
Too distracted by the map to see the roads?

     My gut told me to pump the breaks and make a u-turn into oncoming traffic.  He set my course.  He set my speed.  He made me cum everywhere...but home.  "Going with the flow" lead me deeper into his trap.  Thank God for guts, Heaven only knows where that road would've sent me.  (I apologize to those I cut off.)

Looking in my rearview, my vision is 20/20

     Who did he think he was?  Loving the taste of his cock on my kiss, but shuddering at the thought of dick in his mouth.  Loving the taste of my cooking, but shuddering at the thought of washing my dishes.  Standing with his arms folded across his chest, he wanted me to run towards him with mine open.  Who did he think I was?  I am a very kinky man, I'm interested in cumming, pissing and spitting...and everyone gets wet.


thegayte-keeper said...


Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, TG-K!

I just broke ties with someone who had to have everything on his terms...

Can you relate?

thegayte-keeper said...




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