Erotic Errands

     Today, I'm heading to San Francisco to make a few purchases.  I'm very excited because I finally found a shop that sells leather and bondage gear, "Stormy Leather".  Nothing against my favorite online shop, Extreme Restraints, but I've been craving a brick & mortar spot for the longest time.

I've always wanted to try gear on.
See myself in shit I can't afford.
Ask someone, "How does this look?"

     I'm going to buy something special: some black and silky to wear under my leather chastity belt...maybe something lacy yet masculine.  I also need a ball gag.  Under the right pressure, I can be a screamer, thus, I'll need something to sink my teeth into and muffle my cries.  Catharsis can get very loud.  My voice can get really high.  Hopefully, he straps it on too tight...just enough.
     Another item on my to-do list: make a copy to my chastity belt's key.  Only one other person has it, maybe it's time to give lust a try.  In a pretty box adorned with a bow, I'm granting him the gift of control.  I'll invest in him the power of "when".
     I love the idea of being trapped until he decides to give me freedom.  My dick does a great impersonation of The Incredible Hulk!  Filled to the brim with sexual energy, I can dwell in denial or experience pleasure vicariously.  There's a powerful feeling of relief that washes over me when the pad lock is removed.  A relief so poignant it's orgasmic in itself. 


Garçon Stupide said...

Err... Multiple keys for a chastity belt. Hmm.

Nah, I'll keep quiet on this one.

Forbidden Light said...

@Garcon: Hahahahah! Having multiple keys to a chastity belt is sheer wisdom! What if I have to pee? I'd hate to be at the mercy of a sadistic master with a impacted bladder...



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