Reverse Frotteurism: Mr. Jay's Measurements

     Mr. Jay's fine men's clothing has had my eye for a few months now.  Sitting within my jogging path, habitually, I've been slowing down and window shopping.  Their attire catches my eye because their suits are more professional than religious, while maintaining it's blackness.  One time in particular, a suit slows my run to a crawl, a wool three-piece suit with a perfect balanced pattern of brown and navy blue, with a little orange.
     Entering the store for the first time, I merely wanted to check prices and inquire about their tailoring.  I hate when shops sell suits without a tailor on-site.  I hate, even more, when a merchant considers cuffing my pants a complete tailoring service.  Design and style play a small role compared to the way a suit fits.
     Upon entering, I was greeted by an older black man.  He struck me as elegant.  Coordinated from head to toe in sand and autumn, he was impressively overdressed.  Before I could ask about their tailoring, his weathered voice asserts, "What sized jacket you wear?"
     "I'm not sure, I-"
     Interrupting me, "You look like a forty four.  Take your hoodie off and see how this fits you."
     In the middle of working out, I was dressed in sweats, "I just wanted to get some rates, I'm not prepared to try anything on."
     He asserts, "It doesn't matter, lets see what size you wear," feeling disobedient for hesitating, I unzip my jacket.  He smiles, "What's your waist size? You look like a thirty, maybe thirty-one; looks good."
     Not knowing whether to say 'thank you' or not, I opted to stay quiet.  Handing me a test jacket, I put it on, "Yeah, your sleeves are 44, but you have higher hips," demonstrating, he grabs my hips.  The quizzical look on my face lead him to clarify, "Meaning: you'll need longer sleeves and a shorter jacket."
     Manhandling me while eyeballing my measurements, "You have a nice X-figure: broad shoulders, small waist, full seat.  I could make you look real sharp; are you dressing for Easter Sunday?"
     "No sir, it would be for work."
     "Oh!  Yeah, you'd need a more fitted look; professional is fitted, church is looser.  I'd give you the three pieces for $350 and I'll give you a full tailor free of charge.  How that sound?"
     "That sounds good."
     "Alright, son, come back tomorrow.  Make sure you wash up good, the tailoring could get personal."

I'm unsure of what just happened
I'm both aroused and confused
I'll just keep an open mind...



well, well, well...
looking forward to the next chapter.
(he said, with a smirk on his face...)

Forbidden Light said...

We'll see...I don't know if he was using aggressive sales tactics or if he was implying any ulterior motives...He remained so matter-of-fact...

Fun fact: I am always oblivious to signals and flirting...Most times, I'm in the dark until someone grabs my cock! Hahahahah

We'll find out next week, if he makes a move during fitting...

Cogent Ascending said...

You and ur god damned old men!

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: I can't leave them alone! They smell so good and they're lonely/jaded all the time...Haahahah!



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