Mystery Floodgate

We tighten our legs....
We change the angle of our hips...

What is this urge to run away?
Why do we attempt to escape?
Why do we evade pleasure?

     Thank God for his hands and their unwillingness to let go of my hips; I wanted him to stop but needed him to continue.  Somehow, he discovered a spot inside of me, a trigger that opened a mysterious floodgate.  Something completely new to me.  I was unaware I had "spots", however, I was introduced with every stab, every piercing.  Every precise punch tore me apart.  With each thrust, a strange grunt escaped from my core.
     The pleasure was becoming unbearable.  The pleasure was becoming suffocating and I needed to come up for air.  But those hands of his held me under, binding me to face this emanating explosion.  Stroking my erection, I wanted this to be over and eternal at the same time.  Each moan got louder.  Each pant got deeper.  Until...I shut my eyes so tight I saw a bright shade of red.  Until...My body became stiff as my soul took off running.  Until...I ran out of breath from screaming.

I passed out
Dreaming a forgotten vision,
I was awakened by our missionary madness

     Returning to Earth, I looked down at myself.  Expecting to find a belly covered in milk, I found nothing.  Feeling around, I realized that the most powerful orgasm I've every experienced was dry... How is this possible?

Is there such a thing?
Is this similar to a feminine orgasm?
Is this some kind of spiritual release?
Could this be repeated?
Can I handle a second coming?

Note: The pearls represent the origin of an orgasm.


ToddyEnglish said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
No MANnaise? Oh dear. I never got the appeal of tantra. When it's over I want to look like a coconut cream pie was thrown at me.
I know...Too Much info. heh.

Forbidden Light said...

It was the strangest thing! I don't know if I'll ever be able to repeat it...



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