Has Massage Therapy Become Synonymous with Sex Work?

     Fun fact: I am a certified massage therapist.  I am trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Vibration and Accu-pressure.  One reason why I haven't been practicing lately is because the overwhelming expectation for happy endings.  For only ten dollars more than what I charge, clients can get the full service; a professional full body massage, mutual touch and a hand job (sometimes more).  At first, I thought it was atrocious that people go through the extensive training to obtain certification only to master the art of blow jobs; but now I'm starting to see the fuller picture.
     Having received Tantric massages, I have experienced the holy release that happens when sex meets therapy.  I was finally, truly aware that my body was a Temple of God and I shed a lot of shame issues.  Having someone patiently massage, knead and stretch every part of my body and then lovingly pleasure me was nothing short of amazing.  I would even go as far as suggesting getting one from a professional (be sure to ask for certification).
     I now subscribe to the philosophy of Tantra, I see sex as the perfect portal to commune with God.  But even with this knowledge, I can not get myself to perform sexual acts with strangers as a way to make ends meet.  Maybe if I knew him or her well enough, but I can't go down the Craig's List route.  (But then again, I do have to pay off them loans for those expensive-ass massage courses!)

     I never had a four-hand massage before!  On this site, they have a trailer video of their services which is really hot!  The way they're rotating around each other while massaging their client, who happens to be a beautiful black man, churns the sexual energy to the nth degree.  Notice how they use their patron as a platform to love each other, kissing and pleasuring their own bodies as they perform the massage.  Very beautiful.  Very innovative.  Once my money gets right, I will definitely indulge in a four-handed session...

Let's Play "What Makes This Gay?"

There's no doubt in my mind that this man has some 'sugar in his tank', but it's fun to dissect what makes this scenario so gay (The tricky part is: she is NOT wearing a strap-on and she's not a Tranny)

There will be some psuedo-sarcastic responses, see if you can pick them out

(1) Off top, anytime the man is the center of attention; it's obviously gay
(2) He is way to cute to be 'completely' straight
(3) He is way to hairless to be 'completely' straight
(4) The way she's topping him from behind: he's obviously wishes she had an erection to finish the job
(5) Straight men don't moan and gasp

Why is this? 
     Why is it that heterosexual men can not be the center of attention? When did gay men receive a monopoly on sensuality?  Why does everyone's gaydar goes off when a man achieve a certain level of beauty?  There are so many perceived indicators of orientation that many men withhold a great deal of themselves to prevent being labeled.  Many men exchange their moans for annoying shit talk.  Many men purposely fall short of being manicured.  Many men repress their individuality to better blend into the background.  Is that fair?
     Now, before you comment me stupid,  I do realize that all of the aforementioned characteristics are pretty big staples in gay culture.  I just think that it should be challenged.  I think we should redefine our masculinity by broadening our personal horizons.  Could you imagine the direction the world could take if men were to be less restrained?  Could you imagine how hip-hop would sound if they would lighten up on the machismo?  What the next slam dunk contest would look like?  I'm laughing just thinking about it...
     It would be better for all parties involved if we got rid of the limitations.  We should throw away the assumption that sucking dick gives us the power to express pleasure, take care of ourselves and dress nice.  Or visa verse (try read that last sentence backwards LOL). I'm for a world with less pressure.
(For the record, I do think he's gay...or at least I hope so....)

The Difference Between Sex and Sexuality

I received a great question, which gives me the perfect opportunity to specify exactly what I'm looking to do.  The great author of the blog 'Homo On The Loose' asks:

Are you interested in sex or sexuality?

Do you perceive a difference between the two? If so, what would that difference be?

Of course, I am interested in both; however, I am becoming to see discussions on sex as mundane.

Although sex and sexuality are interconnected, (you can't spell sexuality without sex) there is absolutely a difference. Sex is about what feels good, what looks good, how to do it good, whereas sexuality is more about why does it feel good, why do you find that attractive? The answer to that question reveals a lot more about a person.

An example of this would be: we could both find Asian men attractive (sex), however, we could have two totally different bases of attraction (i.e. you could think they're beautiful and I could think they're typically submissive). Delving deeper, the fact that I am in search of submissive men could indicate either: (1) I feel that the rest of my life is out of control, so I want the utmost control in my relationships (2) I could be turned on by dominant/submissive play (3) My first love was submissive, so I subconsciously attempt to obtain that feeling again...The list goes on and on and on...

Everyone loves sex, that's one thing we can all agree on, but once we put our sexuality under a microscope we can truly marvel at how unique we are.

My 'Celebration' Theory

     (Bear with me, I am aware that duality is purely perceptive and limitations are in my head alone: this is my way dealing.)

     Being a bisexual male, I have always wondered what appeal I found with each gender.   Beyond genitalia, there are even clearer differences between the love languages of men and women.  On a mission to blur the lines even further, I search to find a point where everything is truly connected and balanced.
     I realize that with men, I can express my sensuality: I can moan and whimper, point my toes...I can cry.  With women, I feel a beautiful sense of invitation: I have the opportunity to climb all over and under, spreading and stretching her limbs, simultaneously cradling and tossing her body.
     The common thread I have found between homosexual and heterosexual sex is the desire to be celebrated.  Within the same encounter, my body longs to be praised and their bodies should serve as an offering to me.  With men: every inch of my flesh is worshiped with great deliberation.  With women: their sacrifice is so earnest, my bed becomes an altar.
     There has to be a point where everything collides; where women suck the toes of men and men become weightless and available to their women.  A stage where masculine strength can be peeled apart ever so delicately as feminine grace is matched by her fury.  A point where there's no tops or bottoms, only reciprocals...what would that look like?

Where are the good discussions?

I am very frustrated. I have been searching all over for a good sex forum where everyone expresses their opinions and ideas. Everything is saturated by advertisements and terrible one-liners...

Does anyone know of such a forum?



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