Male Evolution: Are Gentlemen the New Ladies?

     There is an interesting shift taking place.  Women are beginning to earn more money and handle more assets.  Meanwhile, there is an upswing in male conviction rates.  There is an increase in single parent households where women are the sole provider.  If you do the math, eligible bachelors are beautifully outnumbered by bachelorettes.  Key word: eligible; attractive, available men without familial baggage.
     Women are searching high and low for worthwhile men.  The tables have truly turned.  Women are taking men out and paying the tab.  Women are proactively securing men and taking good care of them.  Men are starting to have more interest in physical attractiveness to land women of a higher caliber.  All we need is a feminine alternative to chivalry and the transformation would be complete.
Isn't it cool to be the center of attention?


Cogent Ascending said...

I think the world is slowly turning toward having solely lesbians and gay guys.
Guys are all just shallow vapid fuck machines and women are increasingly tired of dealing with the lame excuse that "I can't help it."
The obvious solution is to let the men have their wild orgies with each other and let the women take over the rest of the world.

Forbidden Light said...

In a weird way, I totally agree with you...I think it's evolutionary.

People are becoming equal parts masculine and feminine; thus gender roles are obsolete. Hopefully people can embrace their true natures and finally get free!

I think we can totally have a wild orgie with the guys and come back home to the wife and kids...Isn't that how the Romans got down?

Garçon Stupide said...

The upheaval of the traditionl male-female power relationship is the cause of the collapse of society and social order. Men are emasculated and women don't actually know what they want - well, they want it all, up until the point where they need to pop a baby out.

I could care less about heterosexuality, but it's the children I feel sorry for - the real victims of heterofuck-ups.

ToddyEnglish said...

I sorta agree with Garcon-Stupide...
As sexist as it may sounds women are more suited for certain things and so are men.
This will never happen because women hold the cards. If she says no he ain't gettin laid...PERIOD. But there is always gonna be some random guy that wants to get in some woman's (fat, ugly, and etc al) cookies.


when you consider how men transform themselves in hairless creatures, as smooth as women, growing pecs literally into boobs, sorry, man-boobs..., and making it into a status symbols, not only women are confused/sing... it's not just the pocketbook that's changing. women have learned they cannot rely on men for children or child support, as they are likely to be divorced in no time. can you blame them for being more assuming in their lives? i don't. we can hope for a mifddle ground, but things keep evolving, going one way, than the other. we just have to adapt, and some don't...



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