Xenophilia: Sexy/Strange

     So Awkward
     So Alien
     So Arousing

     I have a fixation for foreigners.  Beautifully bizarre, authentically weird; it's so stimulating to be within the presence of something else.  I crave new concepts, new cinema, new cuisine, new culture.  I should tattoo the word "xenocentric" on one of my ribs.

     Let's make love upside-down
     Let's dance to music without a melody
     Let's wear something strange

     My love/lust for the unknown is driven by the discovery of similarities.  In spite of our cultural and aesthetic differences, its amazing to find things that draws us together.  So many things remind me that we all can be traced back to Pangaea. 

     Laughter pervades language 
     Smiling can be severely involuntary 
     We're all pink and throbbing on the inside 

1 comment:

Garçon Stupide said...

I'm completely with you on this one. And you've taught me a new word - xenocentric. I love it!



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