Partialism: Lips

I didn't mean to...

     The room was really loud, you were speaking too softly and I had to lean closer to hear what you were saying.  Powder and perfume filled my nostrils.  The mango mojito was still fresh on your breath.  I couldn't understand what you were saying because I wasn't listening.  I was reading your lips in an entirely different way.
     The beads of light bouncing off your lipstick dazed me.  To scarlet luster of your smile called out to me.  I didn't mean to...  A sweet interruption occurs.  They feel as soft as I imagined; my lips are soothed attached to yours. 

I savor the mistake.
My jaw clinches as I wait for you to pull away.
You haven't.

     We exhale in unison, attempting to vent this tension within us.  We're unsuccessful.  We're uncomfortably comfortable.  Why did I do this?  I didn't mean to make things complicated.  I just felt a gravity between our lips and fell.  My impulses out ran my judgement. 

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?"



did she remember what she said, afterwards?...

Forbidden Light said...

It didn't matter...I think the night was ruined. LOL The kiss was followed by awkwardness.

She was almost ten years my senior, what was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wasn't...



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