Memories of the Original Sin

Reach back with me...

     Remember the first time your impulses lead you astray?  Feel the tension build in the pit of your stomach as you are swept away into the shadows.  Remember how your pulse raced as your mind was wiped clean, but Mama's voice still rang from your bones as you did otherwise.  Or, rather, as it was done to you...
     Limp arms relinquished the rights to your body.  Closed lips and muffled moans translated perfectly to "Yes".  Tilting your head back, you've eaten the forbidden fruit without biting...without chewing...yet vividly tasting.  Closing your eyes, you stared into the heavens as the morsel swirled in your mouth, slid down your throat and warmed your belly.  It felt good, remember?  You couldn't stop shaking, yet you couldn't awaken from the living dream sliding up your shirt...down your pants...around your waist.
     Remember the first time you wanted to run away?  Revisit the betrayal as your legs does the opposite and walk closer.  Remember how wrong it felt to do what was right.  The seductive grip tightens, saving you from having to make a choice.  Laying you down, the choice was made for you.  Kissing your inexperienced flesh from head to toe, the choice was made for you.  Removing that last, silky garment standing between innocence and nudity, "Yes," was spoken for you. 

Reach back with me...

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