Partialism: Hands

Are you a musician or a surgeon?

     Your hands look as though they're accustomed to delicate performances.  My mind wonders, imagining other actions that'll require your precision.  Tender parts of my body that requires a skillful touch.  Your palms read soft and your cuticles: professional.  I pray you are the manual strategist I've been searching for.

Are you an officer or some kind of authoritative figure?

     Your hands look as though you're accustomed to taking charge.  Sometimes, my stubbornness gets the best of me and submission is difficult: I could use your assistance.  I've been blessed with long, strong limbs that doesn't bend easy; I have a latent flexibility that could be awakened under the right pressure.  I hope you can handle me.

I could eat out of your palms...

My skin could melt beneath your fingers...

I've learned all this from a single handshake...


ToddyEnglish said...

I love nice strong hands. I've shaken hands with individuals that sent electricity throughout the far regions of my nervous synapsis.
There is just something about the connection brought on by a mere touch.
Having someone gently caress my hands and fingers has brought me to near orgasm before.

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: Not only are you turned on by hands, but your own are errogenous zones.

That's interesting, I have the same thing about feet; I love and worship them and I have blown loads having mine serviced.



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