Question of the Day: Which Animal Do You Identify With Most?

Which Animal Do You Identify With Most?

     Sculptress, Kira Od, masterfully creates bronze scultures of "Hybrids"; part human, part animal.  I have such an affinity for sculptors because they create three-diminsional fiction.  She does a great job at translating their personalities, giving each creature a soul.  Some of them exude sexuality, others raw strength; it makes me wonder which qualities shine from me when I'm walking around.
     If I could afford it, I would pay her to create a Man-Octopus Hybrid.

You can enjoy more her art:



astrplogically, i'm an aries, so, a ram, chinese with say i'm a bull, but some people have describded as a black panther when i am "on the hunt"... but personally, in those matters, i see myself as a spider, for the patience i display.

Cogent Ascending said...

I think I'd best be represented by a rhino man hybrid.
i don't know why but the horn appeals to me.

Forbidden Light said...

A Spider, Rhino and Octopus...Those would make some sexy hybrids; I wish I had to artistic ability to sculpt them...that's one gift I bitterly envy!

@Cogent: I think we all know why the horn appeals to you! LMAO



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