Auto-Sthenolagnia: My Search for a Fitness Dom

I envision him...
Prying my jaws open with his thumbs,
Pouring protein shakes slowly down my throat.
"That's a good boy."

Jogging besides me,
Tanning my hide when my pace slows to a crawl.

Counting my reps,
Forcing me to lift more than I've ever had,
"C'mon! Push it out!"

     For the last few months, I've been looking for a "Fitness Dom".  It's like a workout partner, with a BDSM aspect.  This would be just the catalyst I need to break through to the next level.  Having a kinky companion to weight train and run with me, would be a great addition to my life.  I am in love with the idea of being tangibly transformed by a relationship.

I envision him...
Pulling the shirt up from my sweating torso,
"You're looking real good there, Boy."
Prying my jaws open with his thumbs,
He shakes protein in spurts down my throat.
"That's a good boy."

     In my book, sex doesn't only make everything better, it makes everything okay.  If he wanted to bind my arms and lock me onto a StairMaster for hours...  If he wanted to greet each rep of my sit-ups with his erection...  If he wants to swat my ass to add speed to my squats...That would be fine by me!  Ultimately, I believe that I would accomplish more under his discipline than my own.  Plus, the reward of sexual favors would be a great motivator.
     I've been posting ads here and there, with little luck.  People find the prospect of forced exercise and diet domination alluring, but I haven't found anyone willing to go all the way.  The people I have encountered are there intellectually, but the problem seems to lie in the transition from theory to triceps extensions.  Another bump in the road: finding someone fit enough themselves to take on the challenge.  It's one thing to shout orders in between fistfuls of popcorn, but I'm looking for someone who's also looking to transform.
     For now, I'll continue to fantasize.  Nude yoga and stretching.  Long distance runs to an erotic end.  A thousand and one ways to take a protein shake.  I'm sure something will come up.  Maybe someone would read this post and respond?


Boobie Faggot said...

i really love this idea. There are so many creative ways to do submissive exercise. While yours seems geared toward the bondage aspects, I would also add humiliation exercises.

Forbidden Light said...

@BF: Ooooh,I like where you are going! Care you give me an hot example of humiliation exercises?



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