A P(art) II: A New Hunger

     Carrying my cocooned lover over my shoulder, the thought: “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” crawled across my mind. There’s a first for everything. Before an audience of 150+ people, I stood still wearing only a small pair of black bikini briefs. I was oblivious to the bravery required until it was too late to be afraid. "What am I doing?"

"Give me watercolors oils, tempera tubes...
Coarse, thick, pliant brushes."

     The rush was surreal, I had an outer body experience, which made me a blind member of the audience. Watching but not seeing. Hearing the subtle whispers. I could feel her presence dancing around me. Slicing the air, I could smell her elegance filling the atmosphere.

"I’ll swim in an icy mountain lake
kissing rainbow-striped trout."

      The paint was colder than I anticipated. Deliberately smearing paint across my body, she anointed my chest, arms and legs with color. I wanted to arch my back. I wanted to twitch. I wanted to giggle. Unable to look down at myself, I had no idea what I looked like. All I could feel was her chilly caresses and dedicated touch. All I could see was the audience staring blankly in my direction.

"My very bloodstream flows with electric awakenings
Each capillary expanding to its full capacity
Trying to see how vast 
This spirit can be."

      I begged my blood to stay at bay. I prayed that my circulation wouldn’t betray me with an erection. The paintbrushes and fingertips against my skin threatened to add volume to my briefs. Wet. Messy. Course. Abstract. My arousal was as sure as the gravity pulling the paint down my thighs.

"I’ll become a forest nymph.
Swinging and swaying in the language of the wind
Learning the lessons of growing from wild daisies."

      That was our cue to exit. Instead of draping My Moon over my shoulder, I took her into my arms as my bride and walked off the stage. Walking slowly, the thought, “This is me, skinny legs and all,” whispered in my mind.

      Looking in the mirror backstage, all I could say was, “Wow.” Yellow and red slithered across my brown skin. Blue and violet dripped down my sides. I lifted. I stood. I lifted. I was a human canvas, but aren’t we all? Aren’t we all adorned by the colors of life? Decorated by the shades of experience and expectation? “Wow.”

For more images of our body painting performance by Mim Art:

     The poetry in pink were extracted from Darcy Lyon's poem, "A New Hunger" from her latest book "The Wisdom of Desire".  The performance was a part of an amazing book launch, which featured spoken word, dancing and music.  This sophisticated evening left me full of inspiration...full of wonder...full of gratefulness to be a part of this extraordinary event. 

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