Waiting for Magic

     Suddenly, I can see why.  I can see why boys like you make strange fashion choices.  Your ankle watch makes no sense while standing, but once I caught a glimpse of you it all came together.  Your legs pinned to your ears...Your ass opening idly...waiting for the magic to happen.  Disappointing.
     Watching you freeze into a solo missionary melted my erection limp.  Your knees glued to your chest turned me off...Your eyelids stuck shut in expectation sickened me.  What am I to do with a lifeless sex doll?  What am I to do with that growing list of locations you want me to touch?  What am I to do with that winking brown eye I am steadily losing interest in?  Experiment.
     Suddenly, I can see why.  I can see why life has been having its way with you.  On your feet, you are just as passive.  Waiting for magic to happen.  The world pokes at that winking eye and walks away.  Life spills its seed onto your infertile mind and body.  Disappointing.

Cole Mohr by Armin Morbach

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