"Ewww" + "Yum!" = ????

     Conflicting.  Contradicting.  Confusing.  A strand of experiences swells in my mind, turning my stomach, activating my gag reflex; yet, hardening my erection.  Have you ever experienced disgust and arousal simultaneously?
     The internal civil war excites me.  Self-preservation dukes it out with my curiosity.  My logic argues with the strange, silent pervert dwelling within.  This conflict gives me the dissonance I've grown to really like; the sensation of being pulled in two different directions.
     There is also the element of fear during this dynamic.  If I find a climax within the disgust, would that transform me in to the very thing I loathe?  If I find the silver lining of pleasure within an otherwise fucked situation, would that take me a step further than curious?  Is this the nasty broth of which fetishes are born?

     The portfiloio of Daikichi Amono epitomizes the erotic-repulsive cocktail I speak of.  When confronted by something toxic, I love the way my body responds.  Launching adrenaline...Heightening my senses... I also love betraying my instincts, diving deeper into the danger.  (Within reason, of course.)


Violet said...

I knew that a post about this sexual dissonance was coming, simply because I creep on you by using another fetish medium. :] I just wanted to say that you are not alone in your separate, and yet united, feelings of disgust and euphoria. I believe that that twisted, perverted feeling is the thing that draws me to the sicker side of sex. Knowing it repulses me, but craving it on another level. I completely understand your draw to this sort of thing.

Plus, those pictures are just gorgeous.

dayum said...

You post often strong and great pictures, but, this time the sey-up is amazing. Love your requirement with pictures !

Forbidden Light said...

@Violet: LOL You're good! The medium you speak of was the source of inspiration!

@Dayum: Coming from you, that means a lot from me... I consider you a connoisseur... Together, I think we could elevate the standard of quality!



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