Downtown Sodom: Formicophilia (So Many Hands)

"The Angels of Lot" by Alessandro Bavari

     So many hands, touching me all at once.  Infinite fingertips, each with different approaches.... intentions...skill levels.  Some hands were strong gripping my muscles, others were soft caressing me with care.  Some roamed my entire body, others plugged their fingers directly into my asshole.  It was a gently jarring experience to have some many languages of touch whispering to me at once; overlapping.

Attempting to seduce me...
Attempting to reduce me...
Into a pliable, agreeable pair of opening legs, jaws and eyes.
     Swatting away the stabbing trespassers, I began to relax and allow them to cure their curiosities.  I could hear their thoughts buzzing around me: "Is he into nipple play?"  "How's his cock?  How does it taste?"  "How far will he let me go with his ass?"  "I've never pulled a black man's hair before...interesting."
     Reaching out and touching the bodies around me, I felt adored..I felt connected.  I was in the center of endless affection.  Out of the blue, my ass parts as a long tongue slides into me.  My spine stiffens as I position my hips to open further.  Biting someone's shoulder, I let out whimper as this stranger's tongue probes in and out.  Grabbing my ankles, the crowd gets excited.  Other mouths take the liberty of sucking my cock.  Other tongues take the liberty of licking my face...inside my ears...all over my body.  My moans are becoming too loud for comfort.  Whomever's between my legs has a masterful mouth!
     Suddenly, I feel something warm spilling onto me...rolling down my skin.  This splash was followed by several more drops of white syrup.  Stroking myself with their cum, my pearls were cast along with theirs.  So many hands, rubbing me all at once.  The luster of my skin shines from the darkest shadows.  I was showered in foreign seed...and I loved it...and so did the man with the masterful mouth.


Anonymous said...

WHEW!!!! I am taking this in inspiration for my boook!!!!

Mr. English said...

The Good: This is really good writing. It enabled me to empathize with the experience. I felt like I was a degree.
Now, before I get to the bad...apologies in advance? ::sheepish grin::
The Bad: The experience in and of itself. This literally made me want to regurgitate. Can't really go into intimate detail because I've enough reasons to write a twelve page dissertation. However, in short, it left me feeling very unsexy. No shade. No judgment. This isn't a slam. Just my perception of it.
Ugh, now I feel like an overly critical bitch ::groan:: haha. Sowie...::holds up a peace sign::

Forbidden Light said...

@Reggie: Write on, Baby Bro! I'm glad to be your muse...

@Mr. English: You weren't overly critical, at all... I many ways, this was a disconcerting experience. In hindsight, I feel a little sleazy myself! Hahahaha

I consider it an immense compliment that my writing invited you to experience what I had...thank you for following me into some deep, dark waters...We still have deeper to go...



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