An Untitled Obscurity

     Your seductive salve renders my grip useless.  Sliding.  Slipping.  Further away from anything that makes sense.  My arms and legs become phantoms as my body washes away.  I can not tread.  I can not keep my head elevated.  I can not breath.

I accept my fate and swallow.

     Drowning in words that do not exist yet...yet existed before our time.  Recalling memories of never having a mind.  Blurring everything while blending into nothingness.  Where do I begin? 
     My lips kiss myself in you.  Your hand reaches so deep into could touch yourself.  My tongue taps the roof of your mouth discovering the true name of God.  Your fist strikes fear into my heart...literally...figuratively...thankfully...
     Fear kept me delicately divided.  Anxiety gave me the strength to gather my scattered pieces.  Adrenaline pulled me away from the edge.  Self-preservation filled me with a subtle regret: I could've died this way...or finally started to live.

Desire by Bhanuwat Jittiyuthikarn

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