The Prize

I want to win a race for you
Strengthen my stride
Broaden my endurance
Reach the peak of my potential

Find your reflection in the gloss of my coat
The luster in my eyes
The sheen of my skin
Know that its your light bouncing off my body
Your shine gives me splendor

Testing the supremacy of our love
I leap without bounds
I dash beyond time
I relish the obstacles
Ushering the message of your stewardship

I want to bring home an award with your name on it
Pin medal after medal to your chest
Lace your walls with trophies and accolades
Just to symbolize the prize you've made of me

Simply put, you make me better...and the world should know.


Anonymous said...


Mr. English said...

You got that right!@Reggie
This was really nice. Sorry, I have nothing really clever to say at the moment!

Forbidden Light said...

@Reggie: I know, right? The best ass on a white man since...ever...

@Toddy: Just let it soak in... There's an award with your name on it, too!



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