Downtown Sodom: The Partialist Party (So Many Parts)

Jaw breaking thick
Life threatening long
Was the infamous Forbidden Fruit black and purple?

     He was pinned between my missionary and our well-endowed friend's doggy-style; I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  He was taking it all in.  While plugged inside of me, Daddy gives him access...and I got a front row seat to watch the plunge happen.  Slowly disappearing, I witnessed his pink orifice struggle to stretch. 

The only thing opened wider than my legs
Was my eyes...
...maybe his hole.

     After Daddy's watery-eyed surrender, I wanted to give it a try...just the tip.  Not the black mamba attached, just the seductive plum swollen atop.  I was curious to see what I could take.
     Inserting himself into me this time, I began to shudder...not in a sexy fashion, but in such a way he immediately withdrew himself and asked, "Are you okay?"
     Catching my breath, "Now I am...I need a break."

This is the spirit of partialism.

     Cruising the bathhouse, there were so many beautiful parts...pieces that made me curious.  Calves to kiss.  Pectorals to grope.  A beautiful quality of this environment was the freedom to touch whomever I liked.  Run my fingers through anyone's hair.  Wrap my palms around anyone's throat.  Anything that tickled my fancy was available to me to fondle.
       Alternatively, the most savory features of myself was brought to my attention.  I felt several tugs on my afro.  Many hands caressed the circumference of my ass.  My waist was gripped to keep me in place.  I was surprised to find teeth sinking into my Devil's Horns.
     So many beautiful many admirers.  Once comfortable, I began to pull men aside and whisper my thoughts into their ears.  It was an intense feeling to finally express myself, "I love your fucking beard."

Praise, however perverse, is still praise.

"Birsa Symposium" by Alessandro Bavari



Nice. I'll be needing the address of this place asap. :)

Forbidden Light said...

@Toy: Come over to San Francisco and I'll take you there personally... That would be fun AND dangerous...

Mr. Toddy English said...

The first entry repulsed me.
However, the final two installments were oddly a sleazy/rapey/molesty way. Kind of like a narcissist's demented fantasy.
If I ever went I'd have to roll up mob deep with my clique; because I ain't trying to get raped just because I wanna make out with a bunch of dudes.



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