Sacred Submission

     When the words, "I submit to you," reaches your ears; do you envision me kneeling before you?  Bowing my head, humbly?  Kissing and licking your boots?  Has it ever occurred to you that submitting to the likes of yourself would require me to erect my posture?  Climb uphill?  Sprout wings? 

I rejoice in my servitude because
I find ascension in my subjection to you
My service thrusts me towards higher standards

     I believe we give too much thought to the prepositional understanding of submission.  Under.  Lower.  Smaller.  Fetishizing the act of reducing oneself, we create symbols of humiliation to secure these statuses of dominance and submission.  But what does that say about the Dom?  If I have to stoop so low, for someone to appear superior?  Its an indicator of a deficiency if I have to become a weak, dirty slut to bolster you.
     I give myself up to be risen; I relinquish my control to be empowered.  When the words, "I submit to you," spill from my lips, I begin to scale the ladder to your feet.  Evolution awaits within my slavery.  Blessings and success become fruit of your discipline.  For, when I'm with you, I'm in the company of a king.

Am I wearing a collar or is this your crown choking me?
Is that your palm spanking me or The Left Hand of God?

The above art is by the gorgeous genius 

These self portraits really spoke to me
because I felt perspective being challenged.

Is he dying or ascending?
Are the birds attacking him or making him one of their own?
How many angels have I mistaken for vultures?
and vice verse?


Mr. Toddy English said...

I love these photos. They're so macabre yet I'm neither frightened nor repulsed. I'm not usually one for abstraction but I really like these (that big bird head).
This is a complicated question...
Well, if one person is doing all the pleasurin (southern term) and the other person is simply recieving then that's a turn off. I need complete and total reciprocity.
Furthermore, there is power in submission, especially if the submissive one likes it.
case in point: I let my ex-boyfriend call me the 'B' word when it got real hot. Not only was it hot for him but it was for me as well.
I personally love being dominated just as long as I'm in control of the one doing the dominating. =0)


@ toddy:
a bub is always in control with the limits and safety word. the dom has to abide by those.

@ FB:
submissiveness is a state of mind that has nothing to do with sex and the ridiculous games some guys make them to be...

i remember being tied up standing up spread-eagled, blindfolded and earplugs to cause sensory deprivation. and the dom just kept teasing me from all directions for i don't know how long. at one point, i wanted things to escalate, but that's where i lost my manners as this is actually his domain, as long as he remains within my limits. he hadn't gagged me, his mistake, and not knowing exactly where he was, i spat. i learned later i got him in the face... he didn't punish me as others would have. he did worse than that: he just kept teasing me with various tools, driving me insane. when he finally released me, he had to hold me tight and lay me on the bed himself, as i didn't anymore which was was up, and which was down. after i finished reeling, we switch scenario: no blindfold, me leaning against the wall, him with the whip, and me taunting him...
typical pushy bottom!!

it's all about the surrendering (which is MY challenge) and the stimulation. i don't buy into the humiliation thing. challenge me as man and my endurance, but don't you dare start calling me names...
game over!!
that's why you have to know who you play with, and know their state of mind/sanity. you don't want them to work out their anger issues on you.
i'm just saying!!

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: I have also been told that I top from the bottom!

I will take on what you said, "challenge me as a man and my endurance, but don't you dare start calling me names." That's is exactly what I've been looking for. I'd like to explore pain without the context of punishment or humiliation...

You have so many hot stories, I may have to fly to Quebec and probe your brain...amongst other things...


may i suggest to you that you play with versatile-tops rather than total tops. they'll be more open minded, less behavioral issues, and for having bottomed before, they know what it feels like and can know what works better. and it leaves more interesting options for you...

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr. Bear: I actually have a big rule...I never let any cherry tops fuck me! I couldn't trust someone who've never had someone inside of him/her to be inside of me...


good boy!!!



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