Holy Anger: BSFF (Rated R)

<a href="http://bslade.bandcamp.com/track/bsff-rated-r">BSFF (rated R) by @BSLADE</a>

     Sonically speaking, I've been slapped in the face my Fantasia... Gut checked by Pharoah Sanders horn... But, Tonex pummels me relentlessly with his voice!  This is so great to hear, the sheer power of his vocals had me standing up in my living room.  He mixes the raw spiritual forces of gospel and spews poignant venom:

I got yo faggot!
I got yo bitch!
I got yo sissy!
I got yo switch!
I got yo fairy!
I got yo dike!
We gone get rowdy!
Rowdy tonight!

     I've always believed in holy anger.  This is a brilliant, catastrophic example.  This caliber of frustration and passion yields a sharp out-lashing; which is necessary.  Tonex, now known at Brian Slade, is on the cusp of greatness.  Or, rather, the world is on the cusp of recognizing what was there all along.

Do yourself a favor and evolve.

He is releasing his mixtape, "A Brilliant Catastrophe" for free download.

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