For reasons I've yet to discover, I need it.  The feeling of being a little disturbed by the person answering the door.  Awkward. Kinky.  Creepy.  It arouses me, on some inexplicable level, to be in his company.  Of course, I identify.  Being pinched between two lives has left me twisted, too.

This is for the men
Who has to slay an immortal appetite
Before his daughter's class is dismissed.  

The middle-aged, professionals 
Who have only twenty minutes to perform their lifelong fantasy.

The lonely retirees
Who are desperate for cock, contact and conversation.

I need you.
The above art: "Mistletoe" by Julian Baker


Corve DaCosta said...

cute post

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Corve! The closeted life isn't all bad...



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