Eating Eye Candy

Damn, he is so pretty!
*Add as friend*
OMG! He accepted me!

     He is a genius with his camera phone.  Perfect angles of his abs made of gold bricks and perfect pectorals.  Clicking through his photo album, because I'm his friend now I can see more shots...more flesh...more downward angles.  I wish I could see the rest of his cock, but Facebook won't let him go further than his curly mound.  I wonder if he's on Fetlife?
Why does he have to live so far away?

     LMAO!  We LOL at the same episode of South Park.  He makes the funniest observations.  Who would've thought someone so gorgeous could be so deep!  He quotes famous authors and my favorite song lyrics.  I love that he fights against gay bullying, he posts the latest articles.  He's so current!
     I wish I was smart enough for six pack abs, sometimes.  The world would open up for me.  I'm funny.  I'm have thoughts.  But I LOL by myself about shows no one knows about.  Maybe if I could get closer to him, ingest him, I could pick up some of his trait?  I could suck up his beauty.  Eat enough of his good genes that I take then on.  Why do you have to live so far away?

Hope he doesn't mind
*copy + paste*
This is just an experiment...
Will they like my updates?
Will they LOL
Will they OMG at my body...I mean, your body?

*56 New Notifications*
"Faces V" by Askhan Honarvar

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