Remember 'Beloved'?

Do you remember this song?

The Artist...The Title...The Album
Are all unimportant.
What is important: the magic after the play button being pressed.


Now do you remember?
     This song used to put us in a trance.  This song became an inevitable anchor, sinking us deeper into madness.  Heightening our passion, 'Beloved' numbed the pain of being rubbed raw.  The intro alone would clear the room, whether everyone left the premises or not.
     The hypnotic lead harp would cast a deep shadow over bright summer afternoons.  The subtle, rapid percussion would automatically cancel our plans.  The way Yusef's horn moaned, inspired us to perform an impromptu performance.  Whimper.  Chatter.  Yelp.  Scream.  Slap.  We became a part of the ensemble.
Playing this song on repeat,
...Tuesday would fade into Thursday...
...Voice mailboxes filled to their capacity...
...Appointments became requests to reschedule...

     Do you remember 'Beloved'?  Do you remember the applause, the cheers?  We truly believed the standing ovation was for us.  We felt like we were fucking in front of an adoring audience.  Or, did we feel like an orchestra was in our bedroom?  Who was where is unimportant.  What is important: the magic still there after the stop button has been pressed.

"Eden" by Denis Rouvre

     "Beloved" by Yusef Lateef, in my opinion, is one of the sexiest songs every composed.  The polyrhythmic percussion...The moaning horns...The seductive harp...There are countless erotic elements to this song.  There are countless positions...countless experiments...countless orgasms, I have experienced to this record.  There is an undeniable charge...

I just returned from seeing Yusef Lateef live at the Grace Cathedral.

For my review of the performance:

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