Neophilia: The Future of Intelsexualism

     This year was phenomenal.  In 365 days, I've lost everything and gained a pristine, new world.  Without doubt, the pinnacle of this year's events was the creation of "Journals of an Intelsexual".  Never in life have I had such a sufficient creative outlet.  I sang.  I screamed.  I came.  And then I came some more.
     The greatest aspect of this blogging experience is the overwhelming support I've been receiving from my fellow intelsexuals.  Because of their superb perspectives and provocative stances, I have gained a new degree of insight.  By reading their comments and visiting their respective blogs, I feel that I've become part of an astonishing society.  For that inclusion, I am forever grateful.

What does 2010 hold for this blog?

     I've been thinking long and hard about which direction I'll take this movement.  I've been dreaming up ways of adding dimensions to this site without separating my mission.  As a result of this pondering, posts in the future will be more multi-media, there will be more eye candy and food for thought.  I want to include more sounds...not necessarily music.  I also want to do more serial postings, a string of articles that follow one particular concept.

You want a whiff of the future?

The sexual attraction to religious and sacred objects.

     Add blasphemer to my laundry list of titles. (LMAO)  I've been writing erotica inspired by the Bible and other holy texts; I look forward to sharing.  Since arousal is the highest form of reverence, I'm sure I have God's permission.  Speaking of, I also want to get more involved in sex magick and Tantra; this section would be devoted to that journey as well.

Sexual arousal from the telling of dirty or obscene words.

     There will be interviews.  But my brand of journalism will be more...shall we say...lascivious.  I am interviewing regular people with extraordinary fetishes.  Instead of boring text articles, there will be voice recordings.  You ever wonder what perverts sound like?  Beautifully, just like everyone else...

Dirty Technology

     I look forward to featuring my favorite sex toys and apparatuses.  From a masculine perspective, I want to explore the use and sensation of all kinds of tools and technology.  Bondage.  Vibrations.  Insertions.  This section isn't restricted to what fits up my bum or wraps around my dick, but also inclusive of cool recording devices, new ways to watch porn and so forth.

I, hereby, coin 2010
The Year of the Intelsexual

The above art is from "SuperLover" by David Manson

View the entire set:


Anonymous said...


Garçon Stupide said...

And the award for "Most Exciting Addition To The Blogosphere" goes to...


I can't wait for future chapters of Journals of an Intelsexual. It sounds so, so exciting :)

Forbidden Light said...

@Garcon: That means so much coming from my blog hero! Maybe I'll come to London and interview you about twins!!! LOL

@Anonymous: I love you! I think you're the same guy...This IS me moving slow! If you had any idea what was really in my mind to do, you'd appreciate my snail's pace. I thank you for your concern...


looking forward to 2010 then.
just remember to keep the sounds optional as visitors may already be listening to something. keep pages light by reducing the number of posts per page so it loads faster. some have terrible blogs because of that, and i have a great connection. i can't imagine those with slower connection. and don't expand the width.
nothing more bothersome than a scroller at the bottom... oter than that, love your idea of serials. go at it boy!!

Cogent Ascending said...

I think we'd all benefit in the future from a series of candid nude photos of yourself.
I was planning on doing this but can't find any one to take me seriously about doing tasteful nudes.
I volunteer to be your photographer :)

Forbidden Light said...

@ Mr. Bear: I hate when blogs have automatic music or video! I won't ever do that! LOL But your making me think about ways to change the formatting for easy loading...Thanks for the sorely needed input.

@ Cogent: Who know what the future holds...or the past, for that matter...

ToddyEnglish said...

You're so weird...and I love it! lol

Looking forward to more.

Cheers! =)


let's just say i work on my blogs enough to know a thing or two, especially my queer blog. i don't know coding but found what i needed to implement them to get what i wanted. and i've tried numerous things & got the reactions i deserved...
just passing along the knowledge.

joey said...

Oh those images. Fucking fantastic!

I don't stumble across many sexually smart blogs that are worth coming back to and coming to again and again.

Thanks for smart, sexual, intelligent, sex.

Forbidden Light said...

@Master Joey: Many thanks! Right back at you, I love your site

You guys are so sexually sophisticated; I can wait to grow into those shoes!



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