Apotemnophilia - "Quid Pro Quo" (2008)

I just stumbled upon this thought provoking film; it is truly an intelsexual's delight.

     "Quid Pro Quo" centers on people who experience apotemnophilia; those with perfectly functional bodies who desire to become disabled. Some have fun with wheelchairs. Some find leg braces sexy. But there are some who are transabled, who actually want to have their limbs amputated or purposefully disrupt their ability to walk, see, speak, ect.
     What makes this movie so intriguing is its warmth. Instead of loading this movie with kinky, perverse undertones; the director, Carlos Brooks, fleshes out the humanity of the "wannabes". Delving deep in the myriad of psychological phenomenons that could trigger this desire; it becomes evident that we all desire to be special...one way or another. I also love that the film doesn't attempt to make sweeping diagnoses; it is made very clear that this fetish/lifestyle varies in several different degrees and origins.
     I strongly suggest that everyone watch this movie. If not for the provocation; then to lay your eyes on the adorable lead man, Nick Stahl. Rarely do I find grown men cute; but he's dreamy for sure.

Funniest line...

"You must think that I'm fucked in the head."
"No; I think you're gang banged in the head!"

Please watch and share your thoughts...

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Sean said...

Quid Pro Quo is not "about", but uses the condition you call "apotemnophilia". However the correct term for that condition is "Body Integrity Identity Disorder". Studies have shown that this condition is not, in fact, a paraphilia as the vast majority of people who have it are not turned on at the idea of having a physical impairment. It is not something sexual, but a question of self-identity.

Forbidden Light said...

That's what I found interesting about the movie; it wasn't sexualized.

Of course, it is a fetish for some; but I was really surpised to see legitimately transabled people. After writing this post, I found an online community and learned more about BIID.

My question for you, Sean: Do you think BIID is a psychopathy?

Sean said...

No, BIID is NOT a psychopathy. Psychopaty is a "personality disorder whose hallmark is a lack of empathy"(See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy ). This has nothing to do with BIID.

If you meant to ask if BIID is a psychological disorder, the answer is more complicated :) I do believe there is a psychological element to BIID. However, research out of UCSD have shown evidence that there is a neurological aspect to BIID. This leads me to think that BIID is a neuropsychological condition. More and more researchers on BIID believe that.

Please note that the evidence shows that people who have BIID are NOT delusional, are not psychotic.

You may wish to read some of the available literature at BIID-Info.org

Forbidden Light said...

I actually found your website very enlightening. As a happy AB; it's hard to comprehend...but I have experienced many times when my body didn't reflect my spirit.

From my small amount of research, it seems that people desire to experience the world in a different way. Recreate themselves for another perspective.

It's a very drastic and permanent thing to do; but I've learned alot from it. Thanks, Sean!

ToddyEnglish said...

No comment! I don't wanna start a debate! My thoughts on this are not politically correct...

Forbidden Light said...

Toddy! Are you aware that "no comment" is a comment in itself?

I crave debate! What do you think about this? Honestly...



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