Intelsexualism: Creative Arousal

Have you ever read a book and fell in love with the unknown author?
Surveyed beautiful art and developed a crush on its creator?
Read the erotic thoughts of a blogger and wanted to help fulfill his/her fantasies?

     Lately, I've been feeling so charged by the creative endeavors of others.  Invisible jazz musicians, enigmatic writers and reclusive artists are stealing my heart left and right.  Is it healthy to feel so strongly towards people you've never seen?
     The interesting aspect of this form of excitement is that my intellectual arousal is reciprocating into creative inspiration.  For example, I fall in love with a blogger.  I become so enchanted with the point of view and interesting points that I start to feel some sexual tension.  Unable to contact the blogger in mind (the way I desire) my subconscious starts to lace my future posts with the sexy things I've read from my new crush.
     In another capacity, I've felt this way before.  As a musician, I've collaborated with other creative giants.  Speaking for myself, the intimacy and intuition involved with working artistically with others creates this chemistry.  Imagine becoming so in tune with someone, your improvisations becomes perfectly in synch with each other.  Then you remember, they're just playing their respective instruments; it isn't as flirtatious as it feels...or is it?  Sitting at the keyboards, some jam sessions gave me severe hard-ons!  To keep my secret, I had to stay seated until the chemistry wore off.
     I guess what I'm trying to say: don't stop.  Let's continue to fuel each other passions just by exercising our gifts.  Open up wider and give me deeper access.  Keep churning out jewel after jewel.  I'll gobble up every last pearl and, as a result, create something beautiful. 

This, my friends, is sex at a higher frequency.

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