"Tissue" by Tomek Jankowski

"You have clothed me with skin and flesh,
and knit me together with bones and sinews"
- Job 10:11
"For you have formed my innermost being,
you knit me together in my mother's womb"
- Psalms 139:13

If Christians were sexier they would use this as pro-life propaganda...

     Photogtrapher, Tomek Jankowski, has an intriguing series called "Tissue".  In the photo set, he simulates embryotic episodes using adult men and women; emmersing them in cloudy fluid and layering their bodies with meat, bones and tissue.  Very sensual, but very hearty. 

Is it wrong to find adults imitating fetuses sexy? 

The photos view here are just the tip of the iceburg...
View the rest of his thought provoking collection:


raulito said...

awesome pics

Garçon Stupide said...

Hmm... not sure about these. A bit disturbing. And the meat makes me want to be sick.


Cogent Ascending said...

The short answer to your first question is a resounding yes.
Pregnant chicks are also gross in case that was your next question.
Pretty much everything having to do with the birthing process right up until the child is 18 I find gross and or inconvenient in the extreme.
BUT I always enjoy being forced to have to stop and think about what I'm reading.

ToddyEnglish said...

Okay, I much prefer flesh to be ON the bones...
Is the artist a serial murderer? lol.

Forbidden Light said...

LOL @ All Comments!

I'm sure Tomek is some kind of social deviant...but aren't all artists?



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