My Ivory Spinx

Like an ivory coated Sphinx, he asks,
"What about bondage turns you on?"

Often, I talk before thinking,
but this time, I felt the weight of his question.
"I find it elegant"

His eyebrows raise,
my ego suggests that my response was a first for his ears,
"Elegant? In what way?"

Endorphins rushes through my body...
My brain starts to spark and simmer...
I savor the chance to converse in this way,
"I find it elegant,
because it's a celebration of our limb's range of motion.
A pleasurable means to apply pressure to our bodies boundaries"
My mind started to ramble all of my previous posts...

He looks confused... a good way...

Changing the subject,
we begin to talk about Sarah Palin
and whatever recent controversy she was wrapped in.

I joke,
"She's the only person who could equally be a presidential candidate
and a contestant of Dancing with the Stars!"

While laughing, my phone vibrates from my pocket.
My ivory sphinx texts from in front of me,
"I think I am the right guy to tie you up..."
"I appreciate your willingness to explore"

I can't wait to discover what dark treasures await for me
I look forward to praising him for granting me passage...

The above photography is from Scott Aitken...
Although his work comes off more acrobatic than masochist
I have a feeling this guy gets it...

He has a thing for twisting up dancers
(Don't we all?)

He pulls off the paper-thin balance between:
Frailty & Strength
Grace & Struggle

Experience his work:



"I find it elegant,
because it's a celebration of our limb's range of motion.
A pleasurable means to apply pressure to our bodies boundaries"

I believe you can truly make ANYTHING sound sexy and inviting...that quality in you scares

That Sarah Palin joke is it!

Forbidden Light said...

@Toy: I think working in sales has given me the ability to sell ANYTHING...Give that gift to a pervert and you have "Forbidden Light"! Hahahahaha!



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