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     He wanted to watch.  He wanted to experience our erotic exchange from the outside.  Impressed by passion and surprised by long, limber legs; he sat back and watched us make love.  My ankles rested on Papa's shoulders as his eyes rested on our pumping hips.  I had to relax to take the last three inches of his boyfriend's cock as he slowly lowered his fist on his own.  I've never seen eyes smolder and savor.  Jealous.  Joyous.
       I've never been fucked so skillfully savage.  I've never felt my insides burn and blossom.  I've never let out such guttural cries!  All beneath his eyes...  Before I knew it, I was grunting...I was bawling...I was loving my pain and his envy.  As if he was impersonating me...sympathizing with my sensual struggle, I could hear him whimpering in the corner.
     Leaving his corner, his voice slithers sweetly towards my ears as he approaches us, "Just relax, that's a lot to take in," his touch graces my tightened face...


     Both of their heads are feasting at my bossom.  Four hands travel across my skin.  Two bodies begin to hover over mine.  I can't believe what's happening.  At this moment, they are both thirsty for my satisfaction...competing for my cries.  I'm swallowed, but by who?  I can feel the deep warmth of either's mouth.  Lips, tongues, fingers and palms dance at my loins; I'm the watchman this time.  Watching them take joy in my tower, my valleys..Witnessing them drink from me.  He is absolutely right, this is a lot to take in.

     Sitting on my face, I stab my tongue deep inside.  Hungrily, I want to devour him.  I want him to know how good this feels: the pleasure of being their platform.  Splitting his ass apart with my hands, I lap...dig...swirl...drag...suck.  Seeing him squirm, hearing him moan fuels my thirst.  I want him...and him.
     Pulling my legs up, he wants a closer look.  He wants a front row seat to Papa's point of penetration.  Hands on, he wants to every last inch into me.  While I can't see past his rear, I can feel his hands pressing my legs further up...further apart...further towards their limits.
     Grinding deeper into me, I can also feel a hand stroking my painfully throbbing dick.  Pumping in and out, teeth suddenly pierces my abdomen.  Palms slap at my chest.  My nipples are pinched hard.  They want it all.  I have to resist the urge to push Papa away, he's in too deep!  Too far inside!  I can't stop screaming as thirty fingers pull relentlessly at my trigger until I open fire...until he open fire...until he open fire...We're dead.

When the smoke cleared, I found myself changed.
Changed beneath two collapsed lovers...

I can get used to this... 

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