Plush Planning: My Journey to Folsom 2010

     Life is grand.  Occasionally, something comes along that nudges my fantasies into reality.  Something comes along that beautifully confirms: God loves freaks.  Stars become perfectly aligned.  The right people come in at the right time.  Fantasy and fate becomes one and the same.

I am a believer:
My attendance at the 2010 Folsom Street Fair
is appointed by The Divine.

     It all started with a post from Toddy English.  He had a run in with a teddy bear fetishist who weirded him out.  This gentleman, of whom I'd love to interview, not only kept a plethora of plush but also wanted Toddy to join the festivities.  He wanted him to make love to his bear while he watches.  Have a threesome with his king sized bear named "Robbie".  (I wish he would've followed through!)
     I found myself intrigued.  Reading how they met in the first place, I had a suspicion that the plushie had something else in mind. Let's put it this way: Is there anyone who resembles a human teddy bear more than Toddy English?  Suddenly, my head began to fill with the image of him wearing a get up that would be a cross between lingerie and a bear costume....a cross between adorable and sexy...
     I have always fantasized about dressing up like bear; wearing nothing but a pair of briefs, boots and an over-sized teddy bear head.  Soon, my fantasizing evolved into planning.  One day, while riding the subway, I noticed a guy with a cool hat; it had little stuffed devil horns at the top.  "Nice hat," I complemented, "Where'd you get it?"
     "I made it."
     "Seriously?"  My mind exploded with possibilities!  Talking about his business where he makes cuddly costumes and pajamas, he mentions that he had always wanted to do something for the Folsom Street Fair. Right then and there, I started to tell him about my idea/fantasy/destiny.  He can make me a pair of briefs from the same fabric used with stuffed animals; complete with tail and a grizzly bulge.  He even offered to do the same treatment for sleeves and boots.  All I need is the mascot head and I'm set! 
     I am sorely excited.  I have talked a certain friend into being my co-conspiring companion to the Street Fair and the clubs afterward.  I look forward to documenting what it looks like to have two black men dressed as bear fetishists amongst regular people.  I want to eat at Denny's...go grocery shopping...make a deposit at the bank

I can see the photos in my head already!

I am a big fan of Exterface Studios!
Their photos are always high quality, colorful and artistic
The models are masculine but flexible

These photos are taken from the collection:


ToddyEnglish said...

Did I REALLY let you talk me into this??? (lol)
Okay, first things first. I need my face to be made up so as to be rendered unrecognizable. Just in case this gets on Youtube (which it more than likely will)...
Secondly, I will do Fulsom (uhm not actually DO Fulsom), Denny's, the grocery store, and possibly Castro but I am not going into a club dressed like a little bear. No...way.
Oh, we have to be joined at the hip. I don't want to be abducted by some weird bondage fetishist.
Otherwise, what the hell I'm game...=0) (lol)
You WILL be with me, FRONT ROW, at the next Beyonce concert. Oh YES you WILL. And if she serenades me and I pass out you better catch me.

Cogent Ascending said...

Did you really just compare a fellow blogger and friend to a teddy bear?
Ouch boo.
I didn't know you had such a cruel streak in you.
I'm so proud of you.
My little girl is growing up . . . *SNIFF*

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: It's only the beginning, Kitten! WE'RE heading to the top...

ToddyEnglish said...

Insulting? Hardly! Teddy bears are adorable. LOL
Besides, I'm used to the comparisons. I'm cute. I've learned to live with it.
Not conceited...just convinced. ;0)
I'm gonna youtube about



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