A Perverse Patience: Arousal By Waiting

My last text to him read,
"Promise me, you'll grant me the opportunity to express my gratitude;
To deny me such a chance would be too cruel."

     My Ivory Sphinx set up our first session for a date weeks away.  Although we're well acquainted, we have scheduled an introduction of a darker proportion.  In essence, I'll be meeting my master for the first time.  On the sixth day of May, I'll be bound and twisted to his inventive liking.  I will finally be at his mercy. 

How do you pray for brutality?
How do you beg for suffering?

     The anticipation is interesting.  Lately, I've been experiencing micro-trances where, suddenly, my mind drops into a valley of fantasy.  Short lived erections fill my pants repeatedly during work.  His voice saying, "The foreplay has already begun," echoes in my head as I adjust my briefs for the twelve time.  For some odd reason, everything black and shiny makes me drool.  Have you ever lusted after a stapler?
     Vivid possibilities are involuntarily popping up in my imagination.  Salty, sweet phantom flavors has been filling my mouth spontaneously.  Clearly mind fucked, somehow his hot load is impregnating my brain.  I can't get him off my mind!  Every thought bears his image.

I will savor this moment.
The fresh and exciting often becomes custom and stale.
It isn't everyday when you have something to look forward to

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