Timophilia - Arousal From Wealth

     Watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, I was always more intrigued by the villains than the heroes.  Not just the lapdogs and minions, but I loved the evil boss characters.  One bad guy that always stoked my interest was Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.  He was so powerful and enigmatic.  Never once showing his face, he still had the influence to command his subordinates to do his bidding.
     I imagine that the fictional character mirrors someone in real life.  Faceless.  Wealthy.  Omnipotent.  A well manicured malefactor who seeks to devour the world with his plutocratic greed.  I can't help but wonder; what does he smell like?  Does his physical appearance reflect the luster of his capital assets?  How does his greed and prestige manifest in the bedroom?  Is he an organized lover?  A lazy, pillow princess?  Authoritative?
     The filthy rich probably has a host of dirty fetishes.  The sheer boredom and overindulgence is enough to send a man to the nearest dungeon.  Millions of dollars of disposable income can purchase a lot of fun and vices.  Just think about it; how much trouble would you get into?  Speaking for myself, I would be settling out of many "crimes against humanity" charges just off my sexuality alone!  Every morning, I would be eating my western omlette off the naked torso of a new lover.  Don't ask where I'd get my coffee!
     Ah, the dreams of the impoverished.  This explains why rappers lose their mind after receiving their advance check.  Why V.I.P. sections around the world are full of jerks who want to spill their expensive liquors onto the floor as if they didn't spend they're entire paychecks on one bottle.  Unfortunately, this is also why many gold diggers are following the wrong men home to their Mama's house.
     The ironic aspect: the rich and powerful are the one's who so desperately want to be humiliated and rendered vulnerable.  These men and women want to be dominated and controlled.  Many dominatrixes are hired by incredibly rich and influential figures to tease, deny and inflict pain.  Perhaps, while we're searching to feel sovereign and decadent...royalty wants a chance to feel like dirty, powerless whores. 

Just a thought.


ToddyEnglish said...

Well, I will certainly be Tyler Perry's dominatrix (well, whatever it is you call a male dominatrix anyway)!
I don't think it is the money itself that makes people want to be dominated. It is all the responsibility that comes from having such financial power. Sometimes, they probably want to just lay back and let someone else have control!

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: Exactly!



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