Stigmatophilia: Arousal From Tattoos

It's about that time again.

For the last three years, 
I've been kicking off my birthday
With a trip to the tattoo parlor.
This year, I want to do something really elaborate.
Something unique and huge.
Something that snakes around my body.

I have a thing for circular tattoos
There's something about a perfect roundness...
Dots, circles and spheres really catches my eye

I've been looking at these guys for inspiration

Any Suggestions?



as long as you manage to make it really unique, it's fine. otherwise you're just a copy. nobody wants to be a copy, except for some fools. we all know who they are...

Cogent Ascending said...

No suggestions but I love this idea and wish I could afford to do it as well. I got a tattoo one year ago in february and the experience was probably one of the best of my life.



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