Souvenir Soreness

Have you ever been reminded by a painful limp?
An interrupted stride
Bringing a pleasurable evening to mind

Just when I forgot about it,
I bend over to find tension across my backside

What we did was unnatural...
Twisting my limbs out of place
Extending my jaws from my face
I stretched beyond my limits to give you a deeper taste

I stare at the reflection of my bruises
Recapturing the music
Born of slapping flesh
Sounds of suffering and sex
Hair pulling from my scalp and blood sucked from my neck

The soreness is a sweet souvenir
It marks the time you were here
It marks the conflict between pleasure and fear
I pray these wounds take their time to heal
Or, you hurry before these blemishes clear

The above photography is from Kostas Avgoulis' editorial "Accessories"

Jewelry and bandages are great metaphors of pleasure and pain.



pain is good. not received through humiliation, but received in a moment of utter surrender to our primitive responses. the pain that i always enjoyed most came from the nipples, after too much play. can it ever be too much?? i remember back to the times i had an office job, the dress shirt and the jacket pressing on them, sending a tingling throughout my body...
people always found me quite cheerful at those times....
i must have been beaming, and yet, they can't imagine why.

Forbidden Light said...

That was hot, Mr. Bear! I wish you would revist those office days and write at length what was going on in your life...OMG! Thank you for sharing!

That's exactly how I felt about the soreness in my lower back...It was a beautiful kind of pain, it made me walk differently. I held my head much higher...I think I've fallen in love with waist cinchers!



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