52 Pick-Up: 3 of Clubs

    It’s natural for relationships to change.  Times.  Circumstances.  Needs.  There are so many factors that’ll cause the shape of love to bend and twist.  “Are you sure?”  Looking into her eyes, I can see that she’s serious.  We have certainly reached a turning point.

Her eyes read honest, as she answered,
“Yes. I think it’s a good idea.”
Getting on her nerves, I squeal, "For real?"

    I thought our future was already filled with limitless possibilities.  Infinite arrangements.  Infinite journeys.  Infinite destinations.  But now, my head calculates what would happen if I’d multiply the infinite by three.  All I could say was, “Wow…”  Three people sharing a single connection.  Three people sharing the same household.  My future splinters before my eyes.

Is it even possible?

    Our strange brand of love just got real.  Its no longer a working theory, but a lifestyle.  We've seen people live comfortably outside of convention.  We've witnessed families blossom in this way.  We've seen children sprout up completely healthy and well-adjusted.  We want in.  Whether this third person is a lover or a child.  We want in.

"3 of Clubs" by Boistrous

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