Esoterica: Arousal by Secrets

What are you hiding?
Why are you hiding it?
What would it mean if I were to find it?
How would things change with this new knowledge?

     There's something sexy about a good secret.  Whenever there is an opportunity to dig deeper, to peel at layers, I feel a special arousal. It could be a warped musical number.  A confusing volume of text.  A dense piece of art.  Is it the chance to discover?  Am I in search of something I haven't found yet?  Or just a fan of weird shit?  'Yes' to all three...and a resounding 'yes' to all the questions in between.
     For this reason, I've always been drawn to the occult.  Ciphered symbols...Encrypted information...Hidden messages turn me on.  I've always felt that at the root of the rituals, literature and languages lied a truth worth decoding.
Behind The Surrealism
Beneath The Veil
A confirmation of knowledge I never knew I've always known.
      Antonella Arismendi's Gnosis drives this desire home for me.  The model, Yamil Castiglione, draped in code is exposed yet made a mystery.  Looking at this set reminds me of the esoterica of the flesh.  What secrets lie within your erogenous zones?  What fears keep your socks on?  What would happen if I continued after you've said 'stop'?  Arismendi revives the truth that our skin is perhaps the greatest cover-up of all time; who dares to discover the secret therein?



my own skin holds many secrets in plain sight, only for me to know, as my tatts are not that explicit to their meaning in general. i guess we each have our own way to remain mysterious.

Violet said...

Wow. What an absolutely amazing point you've brought up here. Secrets do hold the allure that most fantasies/taboos/and kinks hold for all of us. It's the unknown, the desire to know where reality fades into fantasy.

I love secrets, and their power to tell a story-- Or hide one.

Fantastic post. I'll be following you.

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Violet! I absolutely love your blog as well...You have inspired me to have some late night recess myself!

I will be following you, too!



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