Ap(art): Oxford Brown

     The first stroke from his roller was followed by concern, "I don't know about this, bro.  Looks like shit...literally."  I had the idea of painting some walls in my bedroom a dark shade of brown.  I wanted a room that felt womb-like.  I wanted my future victims to feel swallowed alive.  Watching my friend spread a thin layer of brown paint across the eggshell wall, I also grew concerned that it wouldn't turn out like I've visioned in my head.
     It took us two days to get the high-gloss Oxford brown up, and I love it.  The way it interacts with light... The way it effects my mood... Nodding his head, impressed, "Yeah, man... This is kind of sexy. I like it."  I couldn't wait to see naked flesh against these walls.  Too bad the paint was still wet.  And,Tim and I are platonic.

'Oxford Brown' by Forbidden Light


thegayte-keeper said...

Can you do mine next?

Forbidden Light said...

Sure... I'll give you a good two coats, TGK!



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