Morphophilia: Koné Sindou

     Finally, legs that goes on forever...  Hips that sit upon lofty heights...  The short distance between his rib cage and pelvis.  Spider-like limbs inspiring minds to dangle from a web of fleshly thoughts.  "What is he?"  "Why the over-sized jeans?"  "Why the secret?"  Finally, a body like mine.
     Finally, a black man disclosed.  Lengthy blackness that has nothing to do with his dick...  Long, vein-riddled forearms...  Thirteen inches of rock hard quadriceps.  No wonder the waist of his pants fasten around his thighs.  No wonder his crotch bulges from the center of his shirt.  Is anything made for him?  Is anything made for me?  No wonder I prefer nudity.
     It's good to see him exposed.  It's a chance to celebrate my reflection in his anatomy... An opportunity to see my body at its prime... A moment to witness the beauty in those skinny calves.




thegayte-keeper said...

LOVING his physique!

GoddessGlory said...

wagagagaga! shazamagogo! *drool, drool, drool* hehehe

Forbidden Light said...

This dude's body is giving me all kinds of hope! This is a rare opportunity to see these kind of proportions tastefully nude...

He's been sending me to the gym all goddamn week! LOL



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