Can't put a finger on it/ on the tip of my tongue...

Have you ever chased a phantom? Have you ever smelled the signature scent of something that is non-existant? Have you ever dug for invisible, intagible treasure while blindfolded? Welcome to my struggle...My whole life, I've been chasing songs that has never been composed, digging for quotes that no one has ever spoken, masturbating to pornographic scenes that has never occured between two people.

I've been told that it's The God in me exploring the gulf between my limits and His Power.

If only my hands were dexterous enough to play the fictional song pounding in my head. If only I was blesssed with a tongue skillful enough to articulate the complex contextual concepts crawling across my mind. If only I had the money, power and the respect necessary to manifest my ideas.

In my dreams, some mysterious cult arrives and initiates me into their darkly propserous Illuminati; revealing before me the world I always knew existed. Where's Morpheous when you need him? Where are the radioactive spiders, the mutantgenic X genes? Where's Jesus?

I know the answer...unfortunately.

The God in me is exploring the gulf between my limitations and His other words, He's exploring 'me'. If there was anything lower than lower case, I'd use it for the letter m in 'me'...and there lies the problem. 'i' am the only thing standing between my limits and His power.

This blog will be attempt to get out of the way or embarrass myself trying...

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