When The Young Die (An ode to the 74th)

A young man dies at the hands of an aimless amateur's aim
A million possibilities whittled down to just one
A beautiful prism shattered into infinite pieces, I pray to God they catch the light all the same...

It's incredibly fucked up when someone at the head of their adulthood life gets cut short. My mind becomes dense as I try to make sense of it without trivializing his individuality. I want so badly to write about how he's smiling down from Heaven. I want so badly to write about how some Japanese infant has the same twinkle in his eyes. I want so badly to pacify myself with some old religious bullshit that'll give me something to celebrate.

I have a rule I've set in stone for myself in regards to spiritual beliefs: (1) I will not entertain theories of what happened before creation. (2) I will not entertain theories of what happens after death. It's really hard to not break those rule during this ordeal.

The main purpose of "life after death" doctrine, in my humble opinion, is to offer comfort to those still stuck here. Oddly, I find the same comfort in the idea that his energy has been dispersed evenly across the universe. Energy can not be created or destroyed only tranferred or transformed; I figure his spirit is doing something else now.

When magnets stick together I'll think of him...just kidding...well, kind of...

Knowing him and losing him has inspired me to not waste life. Time is eternal. Space is infinite. Life is but a fading vapor...

Its time to unleash my ambitions...or unleash them temporarily until laziness sets in...

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ToddyEnglish said...

This is how I felt when my favorite, FAVORITE, entertainer, Aaliyah, died.
I literally felt cheated...and subsequently began questioning religious faith because of it.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll never definitely know why a lot of things happen. And most important of all...I don't have to.



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