Fetish #114857

Wheel of Life (Featuring Yusef Lateef)

I want to make a blood offering to My God

Dangling fowl by their feet,
I dance as their wings flap wildly.
Slicing.  Pulling.  Pouring.
 My naked torso is covered in life...
The earth beneath my feet is soaked...
The music possesses me,
I dance until I'm completely nude
Shouting.  Singing.  Clapping.
My temple is anointed in sweat and blood...

Moving my hips in procreative motions...
Stomping the dust until it clouds the sky...

     I've always dreamed of wild, pagan rituals.  Primitive.  Sexual.  Possessing.  I want to dance bear foot in the wilderness.  I want to scream in cathartic blasts of harmony.
     I can hear the maracas, summoning the rain.  Hand-made drum commanding me to move faster.  I want to empty myself in such a way!
     I dream of carnal orgies, a furious fellowship of the flesh.  Panting in rhythm.  Thrusting as if the harvest depended on it.  Climaxing in unison.  I sincerely believe such an event has the potential to be powerful with the right intention behind it.

One of these days,
I'll have this occasion.
If I have to stage it myself!

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