The sober heart behind: "Who I Am"

     When dealing with my liquid muse, Fernet Branca, I often find frustration at the bottom of her bottle.  The floodgates of my thoughts open wide and everything gets wet.  Simply put: I have a lot of anger inside.
       When writing, 'Who I Am', I just wanted to articulate the misconceptions of the world that leaves me feeling isolated.  Why can't I be educated and hyper-sexual?  Why can't I be a fetishist and spiritual?  I get so mad when people cancel a part of my identity because they can't image someone with it all.
     I can be poly-amorous and honest and intimate.  I have oral fixations and morals and discipline.  It doesn't have to be one or the other.  Aren't we all this way?  Are we all, to one degree or another, part scholar, part saint and part slut?
    Does my Fetlife page fill my Facebook with lies?  Does 'Journals of an Intelsexual' discredit my view on spirituality and health?  Unfortunately, according to many viewpoints, it does.  Its a shame.
I'm not just describing myself
I am describing the brilliant design within each individual.

     Askan Honarvar's collection, "Ubakagi" captures this natural complexity perfectly!  And the fact that he used black men really touched me.  He translates the truth that we are so much bigger than our appearances.

Honarvar fuses this all gracefully.

View his provocative collection:



dayum said...

I've never imagined that in my whole file I could "know" 2 Fernet Branca addicts. You are the second. The common point between you is that you are both researching...

Forbidden Light said...

@Christo: I am a devotee of Fernet Branca! You have no idea... Hold on to that other guy, he's clearly a sophisticated fella! Hahahaha!

I just wrote at length about the love I have for my favorite liquor...

dayum said...

Yes, he is a real sophisticated fella as you. We had lunch today, and we drank F.B. to your health together !



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