'Conjuring Black Funk' - My Experience

     As long as I had The Sun to light the pages, I've walked with this book.  After reading each topic, I'd close the book and take note: the world has slightly changed.  After completing Dr. Herukhuti's "Conjuring Black Funk", I've closed the book and took note: I have drastically changed.  I am enthusiastic.  I am discerning.  I feel my passion for erotic evolution re-ignited.

"I was born of passion.
Think about that for a second in relation to how you came into this life.
Many of us are born  in/of/because of passion.
That passion, that Black Funk, courses through blood vessels.
It heats our blood, warms our hearts and stirs our souls."
- An excerpt from "Conjuring Black Funk"
     This book reads as a study of bondage and freedom, passion and apathy...caution and reckless abandon.  Placing items like fear and the indoctrination of western values under a microscope, he begins to tell a story of his own liberation.  Stories mirroring my own, detailing his previous relationships and experiences.  Inspecting the intersection between blackness, sex and spirituality, he recollects his personal process grappling with the meeting of these worlds.
     I must admit, I was getting overly fixated on the "How" and "What" of sex and sexuality, but this book has breathed new life into the eternal question "Why?"  Dr. Herukhuti has resuscitated my interest in divine integration, where sexuality is invited to sacred and intellectual spaces.  I feel that this book nudged at the monster giant truth sleeping deep within.
     Over the next few posts, I will be writing posts inspired by points made in "Conjuring Black Funk".  I am very thankful to have this text as a source of inspiration.  Topics ranging from Body Fascism to Sexual Identity to Alternative Spirituality, I am full of opinions and questions.  'Journals of an Intelsexual' will be returning to its roots!

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