Couvade: The Conjuring

“(This book) was created with the intention that you would use it as a tool to conjure queer realities.”
“The text is alive and brought to life through your reading.”
“Your life, therefore, adds flesh to the word as you take up these spells and use them to conjure.”
- Dr. Herukhuti ‘Conjuring Black Funk’ (pg. vi-vii)

     We open wide and become filled just the same.  We carefully knit a face and body around its daddy’s seed.  Our belly expands to shelter and nurture the idea growing within.  Migraines bang away at our skulls as we stress about making room in our lives.  Our blood pressure rises as we anticipate the destruction of our flesh as we usher this new life onto this plant.

Boys can have babies, too.

     The night of conception sticks sweetly in my mind.  I remember his words whispered slickly in my ear.  My eyes scrolled across the full length of his intimidating truth.  My legs wrapped around his waist, riding his thrusts/thoughts as my mind/womb opened to say “Yes.”  The peculiar curve of his truth fit within me perfectly.  I remember the sensation of his warmth clinging to my insides.  “Yes.”
     Our dreams warp as our bodies become no longer ours.  Night’s are made sleepless by praying that its heart, bones and legs are strong.  A painful kick against our conscience, gives us a wondrous confirmation.  Our feet ache.  Our hands swell.  Our skin break out.  With adoration for the father, our direction, actions and appearances transform.

     “Through your engagement of the world and your reading of these words, you call your visceral, spiritual, emotional and social selves to reform and refashion the embodied knowledge that was a part of the genesis of this work.  In that way, we are conjuring together, intertwining certain aspects of ourselves in acts of Tantric magic and social transformation.  Conjuring together brings to become the change we want to see in the world” - Dr. Herukhuti ‘Conjuring Black Funk’ (pg. vii)


"Conjuring Black Funk"
by Dr. Herukhuti

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