The Stylish Blog Award

     (1) TICKLEBEAR, how many times have you taken me from the ledge?  You have no idea how sustaining your support has been for me.  I can not thank you enough for the many times you've commented and inquired and shared.  We must do coffee one day!  (And we must work on your memoirs!)
     I try my best to create a cohesive and slick blog.  It has been my intention to create continuity between images, subject matter and other media; I am so appreciative of all who've got it (2) Being misunderstood by a plethora of other bloggers, I can blog another day knowing that there are others out there.  There are other seekers who are tuned to the same frequency.
      Blogging for any other purpose than personal is hard work.  Constantly thinking of new ways to engage your readers, the steady attempt to make your own life more interesting, (3) I've even picked up photography to add a personal touch to the art presented on this site.  As I write this paragraph, I realize that as I work on making "Journals of an Intelsexual" better, I am working on making the author himself better!
     (4) I've been slowly creeping out of the closet because of this blogging experience.  (5) I've been more experimental with my life, yielding profound results because of this blogging experience.  I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for all who've helped and supported me through this process!

       What's next for Forbidden Light?  (6) There are a couple of books I have in the oven, they're almost done.  (7) I am, also, cooking up ways to add performance to my style of erotica.  And, oh yes, there will be more art, photography and self-portraits!  (The above is just a glimpse of what's on my hard drive!)
     Again, I just want to thank everyone who have been visiting my blog and giving me feedback, both encouraging and critical.  For me, writing a journal is no fun without people there sneaking to read it.

Here are my nominees for the Stylish Blogger Award:

- Erotic, serial galleries taken to the next level!

- It is so good to see a broad who thinks like me!

- What a sonic trip!
Witchcraft and Luciferian practices makes sense here...I'm scared.


dayum said...

First of all, thank you for this nomination. I am not easily flattered but coming from you, it is a real honor. FORBIDDEN LIGHT is a blog more demanding and more artistic than DAYUM, much more interesting to read (there's nothing to read on DAYUM !) but especially and above all the chosen photos are often brilliant and stunning. And all of this lets guess the complex, attractive, profoundly interesting and "charming" personality of its author. Bravo! I feel obliged to vote for you !

thegayte-keeper said...

LOVE the pictures!

Forbidden Light said...

@Dayum: You touched me with your have no idea. Sigh. I humbly thank you...

@TGK: I'm glad to have your attention, I've long envied your photo collection!


no need to commit blog suicide!! you keep it real and pertinent to your life, and they will come. my queer blog is like a catalog of what inspires me, but i do have other blogs where i am more vocal. i find it sustains me, but i have no expectations. if people like it, fine!! if not, too bad, but i need to just keep doing it. you've had an interesting journey so far and i say it is worthwhile to pursue this for a long, long time, whether you get the feedback you wish for, or not. it is never in vain, even if you feel you're the only one benefitting from this. you're not!! they are out there, but still in the closet of their society, or the closet of their own mind. you can't do it for them, you can only help yourself. keep up the good work!! i enjoyed the visuals. very well done!! keep it up!! i am usually dismissive of those award things, but when i can put those to good use, why not?!?



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