Daytime Kink

What happens to kink during the day?
Does it retreat into the closet?
Does it lose it charm?

     There was a time when I was strictly anonymous.  Fronted by an avatar, I enjoyed a great deal of creative freedom.  I had no fear of being found out.  My voice translated to readers much clearer with the omission of personal details.  At a time in my life where I felt so stifled, repressed and misrepresented, “Forbidden Light” was created to be sacrificed.

Or, so I thought.

     Writing and experiencing, I am learning that this character isn’t fictional or an alter ego, but a malnourished aspect of my whole self.  “Forbidden Light” is just that.  He is the dark place within myself who finds his own dawn.  Living to be inspired… Connecting with readers…. Finding community…  My daily life, little by little, in beginning to resemble posts from “Journals of an Intelsexual”.

What happens when perverts become real?
Does our hot flesh cool to 98 degrees?
Do we become ordinary?

     I foresee a shift occurring in my writing to come.  Still perverse.  Still charged with wanton sexuality.  But, more whole, more inclusive of the man my Mama raised.  Hiding less behind poetry and metaphors, it’s becoming pivotal to reach out from the darkness and profess life.  This time, the “Forbidden Light” shines unto the truth that perverts can love God and start families.  Perverts can be good, loving people.  Perverts are people.

What happens to kink during the day?
It becomes translucent.


thegayte-keeper said...

What will come next?

Forbidden Light said...

@TGK: Things are going to get (even) more truthful and in real time.

More personal photos...
More accounts of my personal relationships...
More of me.

Violet said...

I'm very excited about this, my dear. I think it'll be much more personal. :] I cannot wait.



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