Folsom Street Fair 2011: Chord (Part I)

     Folsom is more than a street this weekend.  What typically is driven on, somehow drives everything in a ten-mile radius and beyond.  Inspiring.  Intoxicating.  Influencing.  The Spirit of Folsom fills me with an infectious excitement.  We’re all excited.
     In a crowded bar.  In a buzzing social scene.  Cigarettes.  Booze.  Dancing.  This is how we wanted to meet him.  If he turned out to be annoying...  If he turned out to be boring…  If he turned out to be crazy, like the guy from last year’s Folsom Street Fair, we had a way out.  My girlfriend and I wanted to make sure there was chemistry before going any further.

I think we fell in love immediately
Already intrigued by his intense need to serve
We didn’t expect him to be so handsome

     In a crowded bar.  Random introductions.  Cell phones.  Clicking.  Coronas with lime.  I can’t remember who’s idea it was to remove her shoes.  Immediately dropping to his knees, publicly taking her toes into his mouth.  His tongue wiggling between each of her toes soon met mine as we both serviced her right foot.  French kissing each other as we sucked and kissed her feet, commentary floated around us, “Ugh! That’s just nasty!”  Like magnetism.  Like gravity.  I was pulled into this moment of worship.  “OMG! Hold on, Jim; I’ll call you back.”  Name calling.  Cameras.  Cheers.

I loved every moment.

     It was safe to say we had chemistry.  Kissing my girlfriend.  Kissing him.  Watching him and my girlfriend kiss.  To taste the salt from her toes on his tongue.  It turned me on to share each other.  I’ve never had an experience so all-inclusive.  Everyone was into everyone equally.  In that moment, no one was straight or gay.  Single or coupled.  Equally helpless to each other’s charm, we were simply lovers.

To be continued...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for making me feel like a human being again.
it has been far too long that i have felt this way, always afraid and never afraid.

i think that the both of you have made have made me a person again.

Thank you!




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